California Smog Check Program

As per research conducted in United States it was concluded that the quality of air in California State is worst as compared to other parts of nation. The pollution in air claimed many lives and left many suffering with extreme diseases. The counts of patients and those who died were in thousands. Besides, being accountable for so many deaths and major illnesses the air pollution in California also affected the environment at its worst, causing the depletion of ozone layer.
The emission of high volume of toxic gases from vehicles was among the major cause of the pollution in air which causes Smog. Smog is basically gets created when nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbon gases (HC) present in smoke gets exposed to sunlight.
As an initiative aimed at reducing the level of air pollution. California Smog Check Program was launched.

Major Highlights of the Smog Check Program

As per the program the cars with excessive smoke emissions must undergo smog check and repair as per the guidelines of state and federal govt. Vehicles other than electric, hybrid diesel powered manufactured before 1998 or the gas powered vehicles manufactured before1975 or older where required to undergo the smog check.

You may visit Wikipedia link for detailed information about the California Smog Check program.

Which station is best for Smog Checks?

In order to get a Smog Certification your vehicle needs to undergo Smog Test as per standards. Unfortunately or fortunately only Star Certified Smog Check Star Station has the required equipment’s for Smog check to match the standards depending upon the type of vehicle and its make. You can get Smog check and repairs done at minimal cost by obtaining a Smog Check Coupons available at California Smog Check Star Station.

Where can I get Smog Check near me?

  • Smog Certification Star Station is located at below places:-
  • Get Cheap Smog Check done at San Jose
  • You may get Star Smog Check San Jose, San Bruno, Lodi, Smog Check Lafayette &Smog Check South San Francisco
  • You may get done your Smog Test San Jose, Orinda, Lamorinda
  • You can get Test Only Smog Check Coupons for discounted smog test and certifications.
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